Sunday, March 04, 2007

Discrimination on the grounds of Religion

Father Joe gives a number of very disturbing examples of discrimination against Catholic priests in the United States. The discrimination was judicially determined to be on the basis of their religion.

In some cases, the discrimination appears to have developed into blatant harassment leading to exclusion of the priests from their posts.

In any system where individuals have power, there is always the potential for the abuse of power.

The approach in the United States to such discrimination is robust: use the Courts to assert constitutional rights. The Courts in the United States seem to have upheld the priests` First Amendment rights vigorously.

In the United Kingdom we have the Human Rights Act and the religious discrimination provisions in the Equality Act. However so far the provisions against religious discrimination are untested. One does wonder how strong these supposed protections in the United Kingdom are going to be.

Further note:

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Father Joe left a further comment equally disturbing:

"The hepatitus vaccine that our Catholic military men are required to take is of UK manufacture and was derived from an aborted fetus of the late 1960's.

It is creating a real moral quandry for Catholics and other pro-life enlisted men and women."