Sunday, May 12, 2013

Following a tradition

Mario Cucinella (MCA), Chiesa di S. Maria Goretti in Mormanno (Cassano all’Jonio – Cosenza)

Benedetta Tagliabue, Parrocchia di S. Giacomo apostolo in Ferrara (Ferrara – Comacchio)

Fides et Forma highlights the latest winning designs for three proposed new churches in Italy

The designs for two are above

The Italian Bishops Conference appears to be highly delighted with the winning entries

Unfortunately the learned author of the blog does not appear to appreciate these great designs and suggests that they are in fact  more akin to constructions for an alien species such as ET. 

He also suggests that in a time of financial austerity,  the Church should not waste millions of euros in constructing  buildings which ignore all rules of aesthetic beauty and liturgical norms

In Roman times, the early Roman basilicas were of course based on the public buildings of ancient Rome. These winning  designs merely follow in that tradition as can be seen from below

The guiding principle is functionality: to accommodate members of the public at certain defined times and on certain defined days in meetings whose form is prescribed by the managers of such institutions; and to look good and to blend in with the surrounds for the edification and sensibilities of people driving past as they go to other places

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  1. This is a great insight! I have only thought of this question from the aesthetic perspective (where there is a good argument to be made for being contemporary), but you are right - the same point can be made even from the perspective of tradition.