Monday, April 23, 2012

Wildt: The forgotten genius ?

The Italian city of Forlì  near Bologna is hosting an exhibtion entitled Adolfo Wildt - L'anima e le forme tra Michelangelo e Klimt (Adolfo Wildt - The Soul and the Shapes Between Michelangelo and Klimt) in the Musei San Domenico

Wildt (1868 - 1931) was an Italian sculptor of Swiss descent. At aged eleven he entered an apprenticeship in a workshop and by aged eighteen his accomplishment was such that he was famous as a sculptor

From 1885 to 1886 he attended the Accademia di Brera in Milan

A symbolist and an Expressionist. He engaged in the Futurist movement but moved it towards classical theme. His works have a Gothic look,  His works appear to be from another world

Unfortunately he became associated with Italian Fascism

He had a melancholy temperament and perhaps that is reflected in his works. But he produced a substantial corpus of religious works

His reputation went into steep decline.His works are undeservedly ill-remembered today. Perhaps the exhibition will re- introduce his works to a modern audience. 

Adolfo Wildt (1868 - 1931) 
Carattere fiero-anima gentile (detail)
Marble with gilding
Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna di Ca’ Pesaro, Venice 

Adolfo Wildt (1868 - 1931) 
Vergine (The Virgin)
Rose di Gandolglia marble  on mount
36 cm
Private collection

Adolfo Wildt (1868 - 1931) 
Santa Lucia
1926 - 7
Marble and gilded bronze
47 x 36 x 20 cm 
Musei Civici. Forlì,

Adolfo Wildt (1868-1931), 
Dei et Christi eius aevum (from the cycle "Le Grandi Giornate di Dio e dell’Umanità"),
Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe degli Uffizi, Florence