Saturday, December 10, 2011

Science and Religion

From Aristotle`s Ethics: Science, Art, Wisdom and Listening
15th century Manuscript
34.5 x 25 cm
Musée Condé, Chantilly

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is an interdisciplinary research enterprise based at St Edmund's College, Cambridge. In addition to academic research, the Institute engages in the public understanding of science and religion

Amongst the fascinating lectures available in podcast form are those on Astronomy and Biblical events.

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys is Director of Research in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge and has delivered a number of lectures on the following topics:

They are interesting as the Professor demonstrates how Science can come to the aid of upholding the historicity of Jesus and events narrated in Scripture.

There are also many lectures by John Charlton Polkinghorne KBE FRS (born 16 October 1930). He is an English theoretical physicist, theologian, writer, and Anglican priest. He was professor of Mathematical physics at the University of Cambridge from 1968 to 1979

Some of his lectures include: