Monday, April 12, 2010

Depressed ?

For those depressed by the continuing mud slinging at the Pope, you might find the following uplifting.

First, Terry Nelson at Abbey Roads 2 has a great piece entitled "Three Reasons Why I Remain a Catholic".

Just the simple unvarnished truth:

"-The Real Presence of Jesus Christ - Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Blessed Eucharist.

-True devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

-The Pope, Successor of Peter, Vicar of Christ, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Servant of the Servants of God. "

It is a lot better than all the journalists lining up to declare why they are no longer Catholic or that they are lapsed Catholics and then stick the knife in about the Pope.

For those who like their meat raw, there is of course the inexhaustible swash buckling, Father Z on What does the Prayer Really Say

See passim.

I did like his description of how the late Pope John Paul II reacted to certain American bishops when the child abuse scandal flared in 2001/2001 and this idea of the Father as to how to deal with Bishops who had not dealt with the Child Sex abuse cases correctly. It is in his article Is Benedict XVI a “better Pope” than John Paul II? A couple views and then Fr. Z really rants.

"[BTW… I remember at the time of the big blow up in 2001/2, when all the US officials went to Rome, a couple people who came out of a meeting with the late Holy Father were still shaken about the loud dressing down they got with real anger at how some of them had lied to him about the state of affairs. Anecdotal? Yes. Verifiable from another source? Maybe some day. But it is stuck in my memory as a story I received from someone in the room.] ...

[...I agree that there must be a purification of the episcopate. But it must be done with Romanità.

If I were Pope, I would form a small corps of monsignori tasked to obtain some resignations… I think I would recruit them from, say, Sicily. They seem to know how to do this sort of thing quietly, with a smile. "Eccellenza… our Holy Fadher isa greatly concerned fora your healt."

One sits down a little too close to the bishop. The other, still standing, opens his jacket, reaches in and draws out a beautiful Waterman fountain pen and thick, folded sheet of paper. The bishop’s eye is drawn to the momentary bloody-red flash from the stone in the visitor’s cuff-link. "You would, Monsignore, give greata consolation to da Holy Fahder were you to step down anda den… how you say Monsignore Brazzi? ... shtare rinda?..."

"Stay insida you house", intones Msgr. Brazzi at the bishop’s side… never taking his eyes from the bishop’s face. "...rinda ... inside… nota go out…." "’Inside’... yes… daats eeet", repeats the standing visitor, the pleats of his pants like knives.

"You reada da Mass. You reada da books. You eata da lunch. You pray da Rosario. You confessare. Rinda. No agitazioni. You worka hard… tooo haaard fora too many yeers. Time to rest.. fora your healt. You see, Eccellenza Reverendissima, we are only concerned fora your healt. You wait quiet, maybe now and den talka to police when dey come? Giornalisti later… after polizia."

The bishop swallows hard and, trying to summon some courage blusters, "What is your name, Father!? I will…" The dark-haired monsignor leans over the desk toward the bishop, who falls back into his high backed leather chair.

"My name is Monsignore Vito Andolini. E chist è pe tia!" He hands the bishop the Waterman.

Meanwhile, in a different office of the same chancery, another pair of monsignori are speaking with the auxiliary bishop – infamous liturgical weirdo – about the likelihood of promotion to a soon to be created role as Apostolic Envoy to the Pirates of the Gulf of Aden.

"Who better than you? ... Eccellenza? You feeling, alrighta?" His hand reaches past the sharp-lapel and into the inner pocket of his well-tailored jacket. Okay, okay…. after that little day-dream I think I might need some therapy too. But,.... you geta my pointa. Huge public displays might not be the best approach.] "

Now don`t be shy Father Z, please tell us what is on your mind ....

Finally Fr Tim Finigan on Adolf Hitler on the apppointment of Archbishop Gomez. The title says it all. You have to look at the post and the link to see what it is about.