Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI to get his own Google channel ?

Richard Owen from Rome reports that the Vatican is to announce details at the end of this week for a joint venture with Google to give Pope Benedict XVI his own channel

The Vatican said texts and video footage of the Pope's speeches supplied by Vatican radio and television would be posted directly onto the channel.

"However the Jesuit magazine, Civilta Cattolica, warned that the web holds dangers as well as benefits, noting that Internet social networking sites such as Facebook were no substitute for human contact.

Writing in the magazine Father Antonio Spadaro, who belongs to Facebook, said the site "incarnates a utopia: that of always staying close to those people we care about in one way or another, and of getting to know others who are compatible with us".

"Like every Internet reality that directly involves human life, desires, tensions and relationships, Facebook is also a place where faith and religiosity are expressed and have their relevance," he said.

The presence of priests on Facebook was "not irrelevant," and Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, the Archbishop of Naples, had swiftly accumulated Facebook's maximum of 5,000 friends.

But there was a serious risk of people being isolated at their computers for hours on end, Father Spadaro warned. People were tempted to "collect" friends."

I wonder if a Papal blog cannot be far off ? Perhaps called Papal Blessings ?