Sunday, June 08, 2008

Le Pardon de Kergoat

Jules Adolphe Aime Louis Breton (May 1, 1827 - July 5, 1906)
Le Pardon de Kergoat 1891
Oil on canvas 1,236 x 2,34 m
Musée des Beaux-arts de Quimper, Quimper

A Pardon is a Breton form of pilgrimage and one of the most traditional demonstrations of popular Catholicism in Brittany

Pardons were a popular subject in 19th century French art. Local people dressed in their elaborate traditional Breton costume for the ceremonies

The leader of the Pardon, typically a high ranking ecclesiastic, has the title of "pardonnor".

Now every year (still) there is a large "pardon" to the Chapel of Notre Dame at Kergoat, near Quemeneven. It takes place on the Sunday after the 15th August. Pictures of the Church as it is today are shown below.

Breton was a French Realist painter. His works include many themes with a religious content.