Monday, April 07, 2008

A Broad Church ?

Have you seen these people in your Congregation ?

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters website discusses the religious affiliations of all the comic book super heroes and supervillains that we used to read about (and perhaps some of us still do).

According to the detailed research carried out by the authors, both Batman and The Hulk are lapsed Catholics. Hopefully they have now returned.

Perhaps of more interest is the large list of Catholic "villains", or at least lapsed Catholics: Venom (enemy of Spider-Man); Bushwacker (former Catholic priest and enemy of Daredevil); Black Tom Cassidy (foe of the X-Men); Mr. Zero / Mr. Freeze (foe of Batman ); The Kingpin (archenemy of Daredevil); and Silver Dagger also known as Isaiah Curwen, a former Roman Catholic Cardinal and foe of Dr. Strange.

By the way, Superman and Supergirl are Methodists. But Lois Lane is Catholic.